We are pleased to announce that Carvillo Wellness has resumed operations by appointment only. The following COVID measures have been put in place for everyone’s safety: questionnaires for each client visit (whether at the centre or for house visits), facemasks, booties, alcohol-free hand sanitizing spray, disinfection of area and medical grade Austin Air hepa purifiers.

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Many of us will be afflicted with one of over 80 sleep disorders at one point in our life. The only way to know if some symptoms like daytime drowsiness, fatigue and lack of concentration can be attributed to a sleep disorder is through a sleep test which provides a full polysomnography (PSG) report – until now, this was only available through sleep labs, sometimes covered by provincial health plans, and usually with a waiting time of 6 months to 2 years (depending on location).

Carvillo Wellness is proud to be the FIRST wellness centre in the world to be offering client in-home sleep testing. That’s right! You and your family can easily do this test in the comfort of your own home, in your own bed and with your head resting on your own pillow... No more worrying about being in a foreign environment and trying to scrub the gooey gel off your hair the next morning. In addition, it’s fairly easy to use on children, hence parents no longer need to take time off to be with their child during a sleep test.

Carvillo Wellness provides the home sleep test services under the auspices of Toronto’s Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic and under the direction of Dr. Céleste Thirlwell, world-reknown neuropsychiatrist trained in sleep medicine, neurosurgery, psychiatry and neuroscience research, also founder of the Sleep Wake Awareness Program (SWAP).

PSG reports generated by Neurozone MSH can be used for interpretation, diagnosis and treatment plan for any of over 80 sleep disorders. Solutions to sleep issues can vary from easy to implement nutritional adjustments, behavioural changes and integrative approaches through therapeutic devices (like the Seqex) or health professionals such as naturopaths, osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors to name a few, to more intrusive devices like a nightly oral appliance prepared by a specialized dentist or a CPAP machine. Carvillo Wellness also offers the additional option of report interpretation, diagnosis and treatment plan through Dr. Céleste Thirlwell’s SWAP clinic.

Are you a dentist, dental hygienist, naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or any other medical specialist looking to offer the Neurozone MSH sleep test to your patients? Please contact Hélène at Carvillo Wellness at

Healing Energies of the Future

Prevention and Recovery

PEMF in general

Nikola Tesla created the Tesla coil in 1891 and eventually brought it into the medical field as healing coils, creating an electromagnetic field similar to that of the Earth and promoting the body’s ability to heal itself. Since then, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been developed and used extensively in Europe, and is now starting to become more well-known in North America.

General benefits of PEMF:
• Decreased pain and inflammation
• Increased circulation
• Improved sleep quality
• Increased detoxification
• Increased bone density
• Increased neuromuscular response
• Regeneration of bone and soft tissue
• Induced muscle relaxation
• Enhanced cellular response

ICR-like PEMF – Seqex®

Seqex is known as the “human charging station” and has been extensively marketed in Europe since 1999. It is the first worldwide full-body application device using ion cyclotron resonance (ICR). A Seqex session energizes a body’s cells, stimulates cell metabolism and renders cell walls more permeable, facilitating intra and extra cellular exchanges.

It is an extremely low intensity, low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) system offering ion cyclotron resonance-like (ICR-like) properties through a combination of pulsed and static EMF using preset or customized programs with 9 sequences, each of which can include any of 30 complex wave shapes at frequencies varying from 1 to 80 Hertz, and with intensities varying from 1 to 100%. As such, Seqex can support 2,400,000 different electromagnetic combinations.

Carvillo Wellness is proud to be one of the first wellness centres in North America to offer Seqex sessions and to be authorized to sell it to individuals and health professionals. Carvillo Wellness is also pleased to announce its partnership with Frequency Medicine specialist Dr. Diva Miri, of the Sleep Wake Awareness Program (SWAP) clinic in Toronto, to offer professional consults on Seqex protocols for specific ailments.

Approved by Health Canada as a Class II medical device (licence 99894) in October 2017, official press release:, Seqex ICR-like PEMF properties include:

  • promoting the reduction of inflammation
  • inducing a muscle relaxant effect
  • contributing to improved microcirculation
  • helps promote relaxation
Give your body more energy!

Are you a naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or any other medical specialist looking to offer the Seqex to your patients? Please contact Hélène at Carvillo Wellness at

ICR-like PEMF – Seqex

Price List

Prevention Cost (CAD)
Home sleep test with full PSG report $450.00
Option of consultation with Ontario Board-certified medical sleep specialist from Toronto SWAP clinic for results interpretation and diagnosis $50.00
Personalized treatment plan with same medical sleep specialist $100.00
1 x subsequent follow-up session $100.00
3 x subsequent follow-up sessions within a period of one year $250 package price
Prevention & Recovery Cost (CAD)
ICR-like PEMF - Seqex
Introductory special

Session – 36min
10 x 36 min sessions
First 3 sessions for $100

Personalized session
Card writing
Session – electrofacial 36min $75.00
Option of consultation with Frequency Medicine specialist Dr.Miri for personalized Seqex protocol for specific conditions $100 initial
1 x subsequent follow-up session $100
3 x subsequent follow-up sessions within a period of one year $250 package price
Renting – Seqex $300 / 2 weeks
$550 / 1 month
Purchasing – Seqex Upon Request
Miscellaneous Cost (CAD)
Free for All cookbook
Plant-based, anti-inflammatoryand top 10 allergen-free recipes
3 for $40.00

All prices except for medical consultations are subject to HST. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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